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Sir Scotty


For Hearts

Bringing Safe, Caring RoK Music for Our Globe

In Honor of The Moonlight

Sir Scotty The White Knight Scottish Caveman 
with a Veggie Diet

The City of Luvvy Leaf 
from The Plastic Dragon & The Baddy Biz ​

that put Bizness before heart!!

Sir Scotty & The Who~Agains care about us 


in Honor of The Moonlight 
while sharing free veggies & 
RoK'n Recovery of Kindness RoK Music 
in silly adventures with hopes warming our hearts!

The Who~Agains' Bring Eco~Care 

To chat or to request merchandise please see my contact page

Davy Andrek

The Who~Agains Demo~Reel For A Series


I can Customize many graphics for many printed items.

The Who~Agains 



Recovery of Kindness and Caring 

Luvvy Duvvy Friendships 

for Our Safe Cities

In Honor of The Moonlight


My name is Davy Andrek

& I create Sir Scotty & The Who~Agains as an example of hope for a gifting society of kindness in Fellowship, Eco-Care and goals of inner healing with a silly, caring message.

I intend morale building values as well as parody in comedic skepticism of status divisions, 

with kindness as principle, for expansion of community understanding and respect of

Eco-Care and with reflections of dignity in mental health, for togetherness, 

in good faith of humane hearts.

My arts have included many altered and filtered MIDI tracks from the internet. 

In my low income of disability, I have made efforts to entertain and heal hearts, including my own.

© The Who~Agains

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